Thursday, July 3, 2008

Feminism,Counter Culture, health and looking good

I was watching Aljazeera, then I decided let me check out the Religious channels, And I came through Iqra, There were a bunch of hyper women in their mid/early thirties others a bit older in a Salon.

I was about to switch the utter shameless disgrace and tabaruj they attribute to Islam. But then, just a few words listening to them, I realized they were talking about health and weight etc…Interesting.. ?

Most of them married and were talking about how its good to look nice for hubby and what not and another older and obviously more full woman was saying NO!.. you don’t have to look great, we are being sold (by the west) that we ought to be satisfied by what we look…the culture of being satisfied by our bodies… ( as if we endorse the culture of being satisfied with not being satisfied with out bodies) we cant hormones make us like that ( FAT)…… she starves her self to diet….

WHAT UTTER DONKEY PLOP!!! Making excuses to be FAT and out of UTTER IGNORANCE !.. She got me pissed !

And then this other woman bragging about how she was always from 60 to 62 kg and when she exceeds she fixes her meals and doesn’t eat Dinner !


If you don’t eat you lose muscle too.. And yeah who said Muscles aren’t important ? They are they boost your metabolism which in return makes you burn more fat.. If you don’t eat your body simply goes into starvation mode and uses up every calorie as efficiently as possible and starts burning muscle as it slows your metabolism down and thus burn less fat in the process…am not talking about Arnold muscle am talking about descent size muscle not ping pong shoulder muscles covered with a 6 inch fat loaf.

Eating is not the problem.. Its eating the right stuff in the right quantities in the right time and you HAVE to exercise other wise yr wasting your time.. That older woman said.. They diet and then they become fat again.. And keep doing that.. Its hormones.. that’s coz they starve themselves then they give up and eat it all back again…. Exercising boosts your metabolism and allows you to eat since you burn it faster.. So you can enjoy what you eat from now to then even fatty stuff and just calorie loaded foods..

And why do they have to relate it to gratifying Hubby’s needs! As if its like bad to look nice and the big bellied perv that married me demands that I look good incase his wolverine eyes sway and look for other meat.
Not that I personally favor the model-ish sister over a more plump one.. But being healthy is a good thing and that means not having too much fat and having some muscle and working out, watching what you eat…
For those who want to get started I always say is great has a lot of info.. Often the basic principles of bodybuilding can be used to look like whatever you want.

Check this out its just on the front page of today


UmmBlog said...

*covers her eyes*

Muawiyaa said...

Can't comment on the post, stunned by the inappropriate picture.

MASS said...


what inappropriate picture..?
if yr talking about the show it was inappropriate and i ment to show that blatant aspect of a so called Islamic channel.

well you just commented anyhow..
anyway ya "muwaiyya" why dont you stick to one username?

LuLu...! said...


UmmAbdullah said...

I don't understand people who starve themselves...
How do they get energy to get out of bed?!

MASS said...

they use their muscles for fuel

Veiled Muslimah said...

the key is to not to fall into either extremes. Eat healthy and properly, and exercise.