Sunday, July 20, 2008

a bit late I could have been, I was eating..I washed my hands and put on my clothes, I didnt eat much carbs so I decided it would be ok to have some fruit.

I grabbed 2 figs and munched one, and was about to take the next one with me as I opened the door to leave, but a thought rushed through, I always brush my teeth before leaving off to anywhere.

Looking at half of the remianing fig between my fingers, rich in its colour, so sweet and juciy; I sighed since its taste in my mouth was about to go all away after I brush my teeth.

I thought to myself; Subhan Allah,
what is it in this world of any desire that lasts long anyway.

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zaytuna said...

Your posts always make me smile, but this one made me smile in a different way.