Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning about Bodybuilding and the "Dog-Crap" Method.

Well “Dog-Crap” is a bit popular. But perhaps in the States. Here in the Arab world hardly anyone knows about anything well least from my encounters in gyms in Kuwait and Egypt.
I remember when I first went to a gym.. I think I was 15.. I use to work out everyday!!! For the first 2 weeks I worked out twice a day everyday except on Fridays.. I was so messed up, my muscles were all sore and cramped that my biceps would bend my arms.. That in order to straighten my arms I would tie plastic bags around my arms with a stick in-between! I later started going once a day except Fridays coz it was too much.

I remember that was about the time where I all of a sudden grew a lot over the summer and with working out I got all huge.. That was between 10th and 11th grade. I got taller than almost all the kids that were taller than me.. Well apart from the fact that I didn’t know anything from working out its still helped a bit.

I would then go in the summer. For a month or 2. I never knew that you had to eat ! To grow muscles.. Not much emphasis was given there.. Neither I knew that you had to rest.. Since if you overwork yourself which I was almost all the time.. It is counterproductive to muscle growth. Only many years later about 2 years ago I started reading about it.. it’s a whole new world..
I was defiantly wasting my time working out on whims and silly instructions by coaches whom never studied what they are telling you . Now I have to cut corners through bad shoulders from working out with bad techniques and I could have been much stronger and bigger now if only I new what I was doing back then..

Going back to Dog-Crap method.. Which includes improving through making slight improvements each workout you go through.. By either increasing your reps (even one rep is enough) or slightly increasing the weight you use.. This way you are constantly improving.

The smaller your goals, the bigger/more improved person you are (depending upon your goals)

He3,, I think I should one day open my own gym,, and employ folks whom actually know what they are doing.


LuLu...! said...

dude ur full of energy wallahy!


is the membership 4 ladies gonna be with alot of money mr.??

and are u gonna have a swimming pool??

MASS said...

I havent thought about that,, but i guess the better the gym is the more they would pay.. swiming pool i dont thinks so.. unless after some research its a good thing

but i guess its better to make a whole gym just for women instead of times shifts and what not.

besides its all in the air now nothing serious.

UTP said...

how about...just leaving your body the way God made it...? whats wrong with your body now? You don't like it?

MASS said...

very nice of you.