Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bizarre But True; Hijabis Join the Force

Check This Out …. (its pretty short) Muslim PoliceWomen in London can now wear hijab as part of their uniform.

I never really thought much about it, till I read the police in hijab thing, women arent really suppose to be cops anyway. Imagine women cops in Kuwait or in Dubai, the Shabab (youth) would probably just go speeding right in front of their patrol car just to get a ticket from the policewomen. Or perhaps make themselves get chased to get “Arrested” ...
Or in Cairo ? Maybe a mother in law policewoman like figure from Egyptian black and white movies would be freaking out all deh wrongdoers from doing wrong..(sarcasm)

Maybe it works in the west, It certainly would never work out here in the Arab World. Even in fairly recent years I’ve seen Law enforcement women in the Kuwaiti airport that seemed like they were more so of models.

So what exactly are those two sisters going to do when some bum snatches the handbag of a nice old lady, run after him each with a hand holding their hijab and another lifting up their abaya ??
furthermore bros could go check out the cute police sisters deliberately steal something off the street when close to them so they get chased and arrested, then tell em all about their plan, get their pop’s number and convince her later to join the housewife force?

Some sisters/folks are just so quick to put anything in "hijab" in positive light, we have now “hijabi” swimmers, Olympic runners, mountain climbers and other athletes, maybe in the future God Forbid we’ll have hijabi bodybuilders hitting the back double biceps and side chest pose ?
hijabi this hijabi that hijabi models, hijabi fashion. blah blah blah..

Unfortunately Hijab these days has been watered down to something it is not.

The prophet salla Allahu 3alayhi wa salam said;
لتتبعن سنن من كان قبلكم شبراً بشبر وذراعاً بذراع حتى لو سلكوا جحر ضب لسلكتموه" قلنا يا رسول الله اليهود "
والنصارى قال "فمن" ؟
"You will follow the ways of those before you arm by arm and hand-span by hand-span, even if so they entre the hole of a lizard you join them"They said (the Companions) the Jews and Christians? the Prophet PBUH said "then who?"

(Bukhari and Muslim)


Man of Letters said...

It's because people have lost the goal of hishma and the hijab's protection. Hijab as a scarf has become the end and not the means which its supposed to be.

UmmBlog said...

The Pink Taxis are working perfectly fine in uae ...

zaytuna said...


Okay now seriously, I don't think it's appropriate to be chasing around theifs and thinking it's okay because you've covered your hair, the running and all, I mean come on!

Some women think that as long as they cover their heads then that's Hijab. It's not only that, I mean what's the use when the way you're talking and walking is making others look.

Maybe they're doing light work? like writing tickets and stuff like that, but not actually doing the tough physical work?
The other things that are included like the prayer time is good though!

Aisha La Estudiante said...

If women joined the Prophet (saws) in battle are we assuming they walked and were unsporty about it?

MASS said...


Women did not join the prophet Salla Allahu 3alayi wa salam in battle more like a few

saying women joined... makes it seem like it was the norm. it was just a few battles and because th muslimeen were few and weak, and most did not fight but nurse the injured and help out, give water etc.that was only in the early days of Islam, and i would guess too before the ayat of hijab.

now there is no need for sisters to join the force on the feild there are plenty of men around.