Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Fiasco over Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan + Jamaat-e-Islami Responds with Protests.

Prosecutors in The International Criminal Court(ICC) wants to issue a warrant to arrest the President of Sudan.. Some sort of joke.. they want to charge him with genocide and crimes against humanity..

Well I have personally met with people from Darfur.. I dont really know what to believe.. different people say different things.. but a theme that keeps coming about is that the issue of racial difference between Arabs and Africans is not really the source of the conflict at all..
it seems though that the government has been seriously mad about the way they deal with things.. From other cases not necessarily Darfur.

Apparently Darfur, use to be where Egyptians got most of there Gold…so it had a lot of gold, ivory and was fertile climate.. Well now it has a lot of Oil, and Uranium too..

Other than that Sudan is one of those countries that stand in the face of the west…
So ICC just happened to forget about Bush and Bliar.. Leading an illegal warfare by the ICC standards.. Not to mention Guantanamo bay and abu ghraib.. No one was issues a warrant against yet even convicted of anything….

Obviously they just setting the ground for any future possibility of invading Sudan… perhaps since Iran seems like a far fetched goal..
Whats cool however is Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan carried out protests in Lahore chanting ant--American slogans and advocating Jihad against America. They are usually the first to protest for the pains of Muslimeen anywhere around the world.. I googled news on it to give you folks a link.. But didn’t find any it was on aljazeera though..


LuLu...! said...

AGAIN! i hate politics!
cant comment on anything :(

MASS said...

at least try to contribute with a positive comment....say what you think.... politics is important you ought to know a thing or two about it..

try reading news everyonce in a while

LuLu...! said...

i cant read something thats not interesting!
i can watch 3ala 2el television but not read :$

and i gotta comment!
people from darfur are masakeen :(

UmmAbdullah said...

I have no doubt abt the intention of Abdul 'Alaa Maududi, may Allah have mercy on him. He started on what was probably then a great thing. I also have no doubt of the good intention of the followers and members who stongly support it.

But it grew too large to control. They should really check what is being printed under their name. They should also focus more, much more in making their members more aware about Islam. Each member who belongs to their party represents the Jamaat, so they should be careful about what their members preach. I personally know some of their members who do some bi'dah.

Personally, I think- thogh I am NO ONE to judge- that they should focus more on spreading the correct message of Islam, and not be so much into politics.

Pakistani politics SUCKS!

MASS said...

Umm Abdullah
all what i know about them which pretty much i forgot is from some poli sci readings.. and of course probably most of it is false since what westerns write about what i know of Islamic groups is usually very superficial..

i havent met any Jamat-e-Islami folks.. but would love to.. i cant really judge what i dunno..

but my impression is they are simillar to the Muslim Brotherhood/Ikhwan which have a lot of khair in them despite their short comings.

Allahu 23lam.