Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It was already 6:50 am I should’ve woken up 5:45, that’s what you get when you speak with a talkative friend over the phone. Some people simply like to go on and on. I don’t like being mean to others so I listen to what the have to say. I couldn’t eat my oatmeal and eggs for that reason. So I had to gulp down a protein-carbohydrate mix. I took my meals I pack every three days or so for work, along with my gym bag. I also took a cup of coffee sweetened with honey so that am more alert.

I arrive at the gym later than usual, I check in and its much more crowded. Filled with people who want to socialize instead of actually working out as well as occasional early comers who get boosts of enthusiasm twice a month or so. Well I don’t have time for the chit chat with ladies nor that it interests me.

Vishal comes by and says “You’re Late Bruva” with his thick cockney accent, “You’re getting big” he added. I say “Hey you’re getting back in shape yourself”. Vishal is a truck driver apparently he got laid off for two months for some quarrel he had with his boss, he was having a tough time with cash flow, he wasn’t eating enough and surely it reduced the size of his physique. He plans to be a certified personal trainer soon and quit his baffling job with unfixed time shifts.

I did my warming up and head to the free weights section, Its chest and biceps day, and as I was late I only had time to do chest training. So off I went “hitting the weights” as they say repetition after repetition set after set.

I was almost done, I had two more sets of “Dumbell flyes” to go. That blonde tall woman approached me, “ would you spot me please” she asked. I nodded to her request and walked off behind her to the flat bench press. Its not the first time she asks me. Apparently the bigger you are the more people feel its secure that you are the one to spot them. Well I am not that big but certainly at 248 pounds you seem big to the average person.

She asks me to help her on the 6th repetition as she growls loud trying to push the bar making everyone in the gym look at us. I slightly help her with the seventh repetition and during the 8th I am doing a lot of “spotting” the ninth repetition is actually me doing most of it. She screams “One More!” as I try to make her do most of the pushing I drip a few sweat drops over her face and one catching her eyes.

She screams loudly as she jumps off the bench after I place the barbell back in its place. I was a bit embarrassed sweating over her. “Im really sorry” I mumbled in a shy tone, She laughs and says” don’t worry, it smells nice” and laughs more as I raise my eyebrow thinking what on earth is she thinking. I walk off to finish my 2 sets after her telling me thank you and me replying “any time”.

I manage to make it on time at work. I love my job, well my internship, it could get annoying at times but I still love it. Charles comes closer towards me as I’am sitting on my desk “ don’t tell me its sardines for today” he shouted in his loud thick Nigerian accent. “Yes Charles its sardines today and its gonna smell bad”.


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Are you still in Cairo?

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lol..atcha means "good"