Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I is got a mini headache and am reeally tierd of a long day..
and am waiting for my room to get cold so i can sleeeeep

Kristen all of a sudden disapeared... Kristen ??

I never had any sisters,, and i have 2 bros.. I wonder what would be like if i had a sister.. i never wanted one when i was a teen.. coz i went to the kind of schools where girls get hit on.. and being the Arabified Arab gulfified sa3eedi... if i had a sister and you look at her id like beat the living shizzle out of you.

and like the last thing you wanna do is always keeping an eye on your sister and getting beat up by bigger boys.. then id have to like put a pipe in my bag or something..

I remember in 10th grade when I told my parrents about going to the school prom, my mum was like if you had a sister would you let her go.. i was like Hell NO!... she was like then we shouldnt let you go.. i was like no am a guy its ok.. she s like but its not fair she doesnt go.. I was like whatever.. she was like i would let her go.. i said i wouldnt.. she: but I said i would.. me: I dont care what you say she wont go thats it period by force.. LOL..

I remember i had a friend his sister wore hijab and never talked to guys.. he never had to worry about her.. he3 but i never thought about it back then.. well actually i was like she would HAVE TO wear all black... i dunno where do i get all this from.. maybe fitra... a lot of my school friends are totally brain fried in ideology somehow a lot of the egyptians and pakistanis have retained their Islam.. many of the kuwaitis are just out of the galaxy.

I was wondering whats it like.. to live with another woman... then you would have to take care of everyhting in the house and not leave anything broke... and it has to be all tidy all the time ? or maybe she was living a bachelors life??

and you can no longer cook for the sake of food content.. taste too ?? well maybe i wont have to cook anyways.. but its not fair she makes me food like 5/6 times a day.. i dont think she would even have to cook me anything.. oh well...

I was going to write something serious today but things came up... please pray for me.

what makes me endure so much is the state our Ummah is in.. sometimes i think i would not be into the deen if it werent for that... alhamdullelah i was created in such a time.. where am more likely to be into the deen i guess.... I remember once i was realllly sick and like telling myself this is too much id rather die.. then i was like hell no i got stuff to do before i die.....

may Allah make use of me for this Ummah...
astaghfur Allah wa 2atoob 2ilayh


sara said...


I thought my sister & I were the only freaks! But it turns out that a brother from another mother shares a lotta freakness we have!

I think this comes from the fact of us living in the gulf.. Being born here adds a lotta things that no time can take, right?

Umm, I wish you had a sister MASS.. Because guys like you are running out.. You see a dad & his daughter going out (with her semi-naked) & him showing her off.. It's sad really how rijaal our ummah have become..

I remember i once heard that one of us in these times is like 50 of the prophet's companions.. When they asked why, the answer was 'cuz they found a helping hand with them & we don't..

Alhamdulillah you were born, & now you better do something.. I'm sure you've at least done it in this electronic world & reached out to some lives, at least mine..

May Allah assist you & I can promise you that with this intention of yours YOU WON'T LEAVE WITHOUT LEAVING SOMETHING :D

lotsa respect,

p.s. i hope kristen is fine!

MASS said...

freakness like he3?
I remember you said you have to cover your feet when you sleep or something.. I do that too.

am practically kuwaitfied.. ppl on the street think am kuwaiti. yup i was born in da q8.

its much easier to connect with masris who went to british/amercan schools in the gulf and are into the deen. i only have one friend like that masri abu dabian he3he3

having a sister.. oh well but I guess thats why i have to be extra nice to my mum. and i always helped with house chorse and stuff.

oh well..
Allah al musta3an..

inshaAllah I do something.

sara said...

yup.. like he3 :)
& yeah, i'm guilty as charged :$

I was born in Abu Dhabi.. So I'm the abudhabian masri :)

And I totally know what you mean by british/american schools.. that's sooooo us.. And no one would understand except for us.. Masris make fun of my masri dialect aaaaaaall the time.. It sucks big time.. And sometimes, they'd think I'm showing off :( Man, they'll never understand..

And yeah, you gotta sheel ur mum 'ala rasak if u can.. Grow those muscles for her.. NO ONE, will love you as much as her.. Unless God grants you a sukkar wife, but still.. Your mommy will love you like no other..

And by you keeping "Allah al musta3an" in your heart, you'll surely do something ya MASS :)

Creation said...

LOL! I was ALWAYS a sister for everyone! brothers friends always looked upon me as their sister .. I guess, some people are just meant to be the universal sisters or brothers :S

MASS said...

naa my Masri is ok.. but people tend to think am not masri coz it has a gulfi twist to it.. I have a strong makharij 7uroof. and my friends make fun of me (jokingly) when I lead prayers coz i sound gulfi.

but i can still relate to the fruity masris who speak english and masri the same time, i tend to do that too.

yeam am a sucker when it comes to family, i tend to apologise even if i believe i wasnt wrong. i end up kissing my mum's hand and forehead and ask her to make me


aaahhh.. i never felt comfy with any girl telling me we is like brothers and sisters..

i only came to be comfy with it as i got into deen. that all those nice sisters out there are my sisters in islam.

sara said...

I'm so glad you realise this ni'ma.. makharij alhoroof.. I thank God for mine too.. I'm sooooooooooo grateful for being born & bred here.. You know, regardin names for instance, i can't call jameela >> gameela.. jannah my baby cousin, they call her gannah, i cant.. lol

its these things that u wud have never learned in masr.. like for instance, sayida khadeeja.. they say khadeega.. it doesnt mean we dont use the 'ga', we do, but on lesser forms..

ive always wished that if God grants me a child in this life, id teach him/her ARABIC.. the real arabic.. Its hard though :(

Rabinna yekahlilna our mamas, ameeeeeen ya Rabi..

Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaikum.

I've always wanted a brother! I just have two sisters!

Nearly all of my friends have a brother each, but sadly, most of them are of the unhelpful, don't-care-wht-their-sis-is-doing kind.

But nowadays I see that mahrams aren't wht they used to be. Fathers & brothers don't care abt their daughters/sisters are doing, how they're dressed, etc. Uncles don't even know if you're alive


MASS said...


I HATE EGYPTIAN FUS7A ARABIC it gets on my nerves at times, some people take it as pride in their egyptanness.



wa3aleykum as-salaam
oh well.. I dunno what to say.. Alhamdullelah I dont have to worry about that. I ve got many things to worry about!


Man of Letters said...

Some guys do actually care in the beginning, but then they get desensitized by the constant lack of caring from the siblings, or even the arguing.

Alhamdulillah for my own household, may Allah protect it!

UmmBlog said...