Monday, June 9, 2008

Healthy healthy healthy

Just came back from the gym

had two packets of ramen noodles and two cans of tuna... I was basically chocking on the tuna..

today was thighs day,,, and partially gluets.. even though its been quite some time since i last worked out legs i still managed to pile more weights... 80kg leg extensions..alhamdullelah wa mashaAllah!

with food prices going up, for a guy like me who keeps track of food prices since i eat a lot and i need to like economise..

egss are way more expensive.. it matters coz i eat about 9 to 12 a day in one meal ( i throw away some of the yolk)
meat is been going up steadily.
milk is a hell lot more expensive,

oh well bodybuilding is an expensive sport !. everyone whom i met who takes it seriously says so too..


its pretty cool when you see some bros regularly at the gym...
coz many are either fat or skinny..
some people believe that its ok to sleep 4 hours and eat very little as if thats zuhd..

people who do that usually get easily sick and dont live long...their backs start hunching and they start looking as if they are aging real quick.

and i think its talbees from shaytan.. you think you are being tested while it is only you that brought yourself in such an unhealthy miserable state..

working out keeps you healthy fresh and energetic and i would think keeps your marriage life new as well.

your body has a right upon you so give it that right.. am not saying go to the gym 4 times a week and eat 5/6 meals a day... just eat well healthy and excercise..


LuLu...! said...

9 to 12 eggs????????


MASS said...


me and my room mates use to have a bird called lulu.. i was 17 back then.. and i would say Luuuuu from far away the cage and then Lowwww with my nose sticking in the cage and the bird would scream at me!

la 7awla walla quwata ill BEALLAH!!
it depends upon how many yolks i wthrow away the more eggs i use the more yolks i throw away..

can I hear a mashaAllah??!!!

LuLu...! said...

i wanna cryyyyyyyyyyy
i dunno yyyy
its sooo touchy...!!!1


and a huge MASHAAALLAAH for MASS!

shaklak 2esmak mohammed... :$

LuLu...! said...

and y la 7awla wala quata ill billah??

u made me feel that i said something wrong :(
coz we always say that when something bad happens... :(
i dunno y...!!

MASS said...

touchy.. ?

more like i needed to stand before an animal rights court ?

Well since most Arabs are called Muhammad, its a good guess. but no its not my name!

well in my case its something good,

eat a lot = faster muscle recovery = can train more = grow at faster rate = Bigger = Good.

LuLu...! said...

i was sooo touched...
coz u know, the name lulu.. luuu.. bird..

court?? :(

mashaallah so u wod be good always ya mahmoud... :P

Umm said...

WoW! and I thought I ate alot! MashaAllah

I'm inshaAllah planning to take up karate sometime next year & I've already started preparing for it, as far as the calcium intake goes, since I need my bones to become really strong.

May Allah help us to live a complete balanced life. To recognise the rights upon us & to fullfil them all. Ameen.

MASS said...

not mahmoud and stop guessing!

you dont only need calcium you should also eat more protein and carbs that is during your trainng.. its also a good idea to supplement with multi-vitamins.

dont wait for next year for karate.. start doing some stuff at home.

LuLu...! said...


Man of Letters said...

Yeah, I need to work out again!

MASS said...

ee go for it!