Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pumping Iron!

puuumping up.. pumpinnnnnng iron
pumping up, it reaaaallly feeels like flaaaaayiiiinnn
commmming up,,,,,just laaaaike a laaaaion

pummmppppping Irrrroooonnnnn,

working out nowwwwwwww
pumping out noowwwwww

every body wants to be rememeberrrrrreeeeeeeed
every bodddy wants to have a frieeeennnd

gonna be ready and able
if the friends wanna turn the table

pumping irrronn

now bodddy is gonna be bigggeerrr than Iiiiii

Pumpit up nowwwww
work it up nowwww
pumping ouuuuut

every body wants to be respected
everybody wants to be biiig

everybbbaadddy wanna live forever
everybaaady wanna be a herooooo
everybodddy wants to be in heaaaaveeennn

pump it up now
pump it up nowwwww
pump it up nooowwwwwww

Alhamdullelah !
I feel so high on the pump! like am on drugs!


zaytuna said...

Got their autograph!!
Luckily everyone got out of there safely =P

I just ruined your lovely song post here didn't I?

MASS said...

MashAllah,, well at least your uni is getting some folks!

duude autograph! no one in our uni asked walt for it, mersheimer didnt come he3!
im too cool to ask walt for it he3!

yeahh its the opening song for Pumping Iron, which was one of the reasons behind bodybuiling becoming part of popular culture in the States. it Stars Arnold!

MASS said...

I should probably stop saying a lot of he3 as an alternative to smileys

either way were you impressed?
I didnt find anything significant in what walt said it was pretty much apologetic to Zionism, but ya3ni am sure he over does it and if he doesnt do it out of sympathy for zionism then surely to keep his career!

i mean the guy has gotten a load of horse manure for what he said, and its a step forwards in U.S politics

and eventually we will start hearing more assertive less apologetic tones towards Israel.

LuLu...! said...

hyper ketcheer??

zaytuna said...

It wasn't in our uni.
Well they had this line for people who wanted autographs =P I was able to get in the front because e7m e7m I'm a girl. Now that's what I call women empowerment! =P

They're gna show it on Al 3arabeya, dono when exactly some time this week.
Mearsheimer was more assertive u were right. They were talking about the book, The Israel Lobby.

Yea they did say that it's an opening to more discussions on his issue.
They have songs for body building?? That's... funny!! LOL

MASS said...


I have my times.


ahh i hate it when girls do that!

mershiemer was never there in the first place with us !
I guess yr uni needs a lot of funding and growing to do.. but you know what.. perhaps its just good this way at ours we get a lot of yahood and ameri kanos who want to work for their government as undercover agents and stuff!

-- Bodbuilding doesnt have music to it, this was just like a hippy krinky slow song you can turn on when yr smoking scooby, lay back and puff if you know what i mean.

UmmBlog said...


MASS said...


UTP said...

umm...was that Islam or Globalization?

MASS said...

yar! bodybuilding hae!