Friday, February 6, 2009


Salaam aleykum

Yup, this post probably will be the last in a while but also perhaps not.
Masters is coming close to an end alhamdullelah thesis is also coming up closer.
Alhamullelah am all enthusiastic about it. readings are ridiculously a lot. Shoulnt be a problem inshaAllah.

Gym is ok, busted my back oing heavy squats after a lay off, but alhamdullelah even after resting it seems i have kept the muscle and lost some fat.

been rejecting a lot of hand shakes from women lately. its somewhat becoming annoying that I have to do that. I have also been rejecting invitations to many parties and what not. I guess if yr a Muslim who doesnt drink but also doesnt hang around such places it looks weird as other muslim students go to these places.

In the masters program I am basically a minority no one shares my ideas, very few have common religious convictions and very few practice in fact I can only think of two sisters. alhamdullelah am still sticking to my guns. sometimes I would feel like blah whatever I should "relax" ( or shaytan whispers) more but its simply not who I am, My political ideas are based on morals and so as my way of life inshaAllah. If i quit one am quitting the other which inshaAllah will never do and cant do.

increasingly more than before there have been more reverts to Islam coming, bunch of sisters in hijab one bro in a beard, I also heard two bros took shahada last semster.

Today I had an argument with a work mate of a friend of mine, works in some NGO. it was about Islam, he himself liked Islam and seemed to know a little. He was so arrogant and talked trash with a loud voice as I patiently listened to him and logically attempted to debate him. He couldnt define anything he talked about and his convictions were no more based on mere impressions and sterotypes. In the end I told him whatever man I dont care what you think. I am not going to clinge on every debate I get into it, If you dont wanna see it then dont. He got more pissed off. I stood up and he was like, what ? I didnt realise you were so tall ( and Im telling myself and Big :P) so some girl sitting in the group was like so be quiet and behave LOL :P we later shooke hands as that girl suggested.

oh well at least as masters approaches an end so as a new era of wife search comes close:P ( and perhaps fresh muscle growth)

Oh Wife, where art thou ?


sara said...

sara said...

Ninnevah said...

yo come down to dubai and ill invite you out to enjoy a relaxed, non alcoholic environment;)

MASS said...

nice lyrics, but so sad even though its opptimistic.

does that include a non-alcoholic deep chilled budwiser with condensed gas coming out of the bottle as the lid was just popped off?

I use to drink those back in highschool like everyday haha

Creation said...

Ahem Ahem!

MASS said...

ee na3am ehm.

Anonymous said...

Always stay true to Allah and the teachings of the Propet PBUH. It is never easy to stay on the strait and narrow path and you will make mistakes, but now is the true test of your faith.