Saturday, February 14, 2009

They See us Rollin they oughta be hatin

Alhamdullelah things going well on my side,

I think i ll either stick to a one week post/ commenting on blogs day or either just cut myself off like i did last semster, its still the begining and things arent as tight, YET.

as I was roaming around as I do every once in a while I found some interesting blogs. I found a BrO! mashaAllah reverted in June and is a bodybuilder himself and has competed, He s My Muscle Sheikh now :P He knows many of the Big Pros and chilled with them, some of his closest friends are HUUGE and he promised he ll give me a VIP tour with the pros inshaAllah if I get accepted for a PhD in the U.S. He s the only Muslim I met so far who knows more than me about bodybuilding :P well he knows a lot about the "forbidden Zone" that I know nothing about so which I have been trying to know about as you may know from previous posts.

Alas, behold For Thy Mass Shall Grow to New Weights :P

I also found another interesting blog with quite an academic indulgence, A venue I can get all potmodern in bust my anti-orientalism style arguments. Among "mainstream" Middle Eastern studies academics and those whom approach it as a case study you gotta luv Edward Said.

I like to get into debates in such issues, mashaAllah wal hamdullelah no bragging I think I can stand well to my ideas and can strongly support them. Im very outspoken in seminars and classes. But I ve been keeping a low profile for the most part, its not a free country after all and several bloggers have been arrested and detained for speaking their minds.

I lost weight!
1 kg actually am 106kg now.
I think i lost more fat and gained more muscle, even though i havent been lifting heavier. my legs are more defined and so as my arms and back
am 16.5 inchs in arms. am hoping i ll be 17 the least by the end of summer.

I always tell the bros to work out alhamdullelah, so far I got less than a hand full to seriously start and have made descent gains. I hate it and it stabs me in the heart when I see a skinny bearded bro walking slightly tilting forward and lowering his gaze.. Bros need to push ther chests out straighten their backs and lower their gaze. Have Pride in your deen and forget about this self pitying portrayal of the self of being a stranger in the dunya and implicitly implied weakness.
This Stranger in the Dunya mentality that some sheioukh have been propagating for a while a few years back along with some of the anasheed have been very socialy destructive to the those who practice and make bros and sisters socially isolated and inactive, and if I want talk about politcs here then forget it its beyond our relam.

I use to work out in this gym we had a bro mashaAllah at least 6' 3 with 22 inch arms the least, massive cannon ball delts, huge low lat back and pecs with a Big Beard. mashaAllah looks awsome and strong! yet he was so humble as most of the other big dudes i know.

so to all the bros who read this, start getting strong and Big and look the haters in the eye.


Creation said...

yea, all the big dudes are soft at heart :p

sara said...

MASS, haga wahda bass, don't cut yourself off, nor get distracted.. Just let it be.. Read blogs whenever you want, write whenever your heart whispers.. Bas don't go keda! We always need you here :)

Rabina ma'aak in all you do & grant all shabab the 'ifa & 'izza aaaaaaall the way, amen..

MASS said...

perhaps. least I think I do

jazakum Allahu khairan
wa ameen

emma said...

1) The forbidden zone! hahaha

2)about lowering the gaze, i read somewhere that you do that in risk of lustful feelings etc. but otherwise at work/ outside in the community its very difficult to be like that all the time. so only when you feel the risk, then you look away...would appreciate further thoughts on that..

3)i guess you mean that ghurabaa/strangers nasheed. i think its like a double sided sord, sometimes people feel like outcasts when they start practicing, so it just supports them for the time being till their back on their feet..

heard of convertitis?

sara said...

Ya'ny khalas, deal? You won't cut yourself off like you do?

Bigad I don't like it when people do that..

Anonymous said...

assalaam alaikum brother mass. great post and not just because I received a shout out. You are correct that training, whether to gain size or just be healthy, creates confidance and self esteem. Creation is correct as well. Almost all of the pros that I have had the opportunity of hanging out with have been the most humble guys. Never arrogant or cocky. They dont train and get that way to be cokcy they are always challenging their bodies and pushing to goals not the same as a guy who wants to be a big jackass.
Well Mass, I agree with Sara post when you can and let us know about your training. Mashallah.
I am confidant that you will achieve your goals. Insha'Allah.
Oh btw I shared a pic of the Golds Gym on the Nile. You and I one day will push some weight there together!!! Insha'Allah.

waalaikum assalaam

MASS said...

1) yup, inshaAllah not forbidden anymore for me in a while haha

2) well I know its tough, one should avoid looking at all. Personally I look when am talking to someone. for the first few words then I might look away. on the street I avoid too.

3)convertitis ? huh

err I ll do the best for me inshaAllah only one more semster left of full time inshaAllah

Waleykum Asalaaam warhmat Allahu wabaakatuhu
the Sheikh of Iron :P

yup many of the big dudes I know are really nice guys. yeah inshaAllah you ll introduce me to the pros one day :P
yup got that pic inshaAllah we will!

Anonymous said...

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