Saturday, February 7, 2009

Philly Cheese Steak

Yup Yup Yup
been meeting a lot of important people who know very important people whom basically run the world. the things you hear about "them" folks "up there" is that "they" have very personalized lives, like duh dont we all?

they hold like grudges on each other and shift from a postion to its anti radical just for their personal careers. e,g hilary clinton after 1998 from being pro palestine to being a hardcore zionist. Politics can really suck when you need funding and you play elections to win and you cant do whats right.. yes it can be reaallllly dirty.

what if like queen so and so I meet her and she attempts to shake my hand and I refuse.. there goes my funding ? or there goes my head off? hate to think about it in any other, but what if she asks for more ? am not exactly Yusuf alayhi as-salaam but alhamdullelah :P. subhan Allah he said that prison is more beloved to him than obeying the First lady of Egypt at the time. buuuuut alahmdulellah am no slave and am for political gains so maybe I should do it for the ummah :P ok ok am kidding and its disgusting but thats just a thought. a scary one.

Now am thinking whether the paragraph above is appropritate to keep or to remove I just wanted to backspace it but i ll keep it anyway. err I ll delete it in a few days inshaAllah.

Oh well its still great to go to the gym and forget all that and keep admirin your gains in the mirror lol, alhamdullelah I ve been blessed so much I feel there is nothing I can do that would "repay" Allah (cant think of another word) for just one blessing.what even sucks more is I sin and Allah doesnt take away much from me, but reminds me here and there to get back on track. truely Allah is merciful.

am eating from a mini bowl full of cottage cheese
but Id rather have a philly cheese steak right now!, been losing fat and seems to look way better. guess I ll have to give that up for a while errrrr.


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And dayman be yourself, that's what you should always be :D Whether steak walla cheese.. Be you Mr. MASS :)

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