Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheap political shnooge

Salaaam 3alla man 2itaba3a al hudda

yeaah I am suppose to write political stuff, but i mostly write cheap political observations here, I d rather invest the time and effort into something genuine like an online newspaper or for studies. Oh well.. its good and sometimes gives me ideas

my prediction since like a few months ago have been yeilding well.
I think am starting to have a capacity to predict the way political trends are heading alhamdullelah


I weighed myself today 107kg :S. I look thinner but am actually heavier, i guess i have shed more fat and put on more muscle. my pants are still generally tight, I have started running feels awsome, it compromises my pump, thickness and bulky built look but I guess its more healthy to run than keep on the anaerobic routine.

yup I am going to check out a Judo class on friday, just met the coatch I will be the heaviest dude in the game, surely not the strongest though.

Shoold be hearing from my Japanese classes tommorrow inshaAllah. to set the time.
Japanese and Judo ! now I need a Japanese niqabi/ninja wife and i ll be set for life.

I have become more consiously aware that i am smart. I easily learn things. alhamdullelah I think if I ever go well with Japanese my next hit will be Spanish.
as far fetches already. if i learn those well then i ll hit Urdu then i ll stop anyway.

other than that I is doing well alhamdullelah

Now I need to go eat like a Mad Beast, Eat Meat. MEAAATTTT

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ooh careful, signs of narcissism peeping thro;)