Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tag Time

ee na3am ehm..
Thine Hath been tagged by Sara whom inshaAllah one day very soon will start, not insane but moderate pumping of iron.

Favorite Colour; Blue it use to be purple but not anymore

Favorite Perfume (guys); isnt it called cologne ?I like dehn 3ood from the sheikhly stuff and Dark Blue by Hugo boss

Favorite Perfume (girls); Got no clue I dont know

favorite pj brand; ??

favorite Clothing wear brand; dont have a favorite one too. and I hate shopping! been buying a lot of reebok for casual stuff since its not American and I stopped buying american stuff for the most part

favorite Person in the entire world!; untill I find a wife its going to be me.

Favorite Country; Kuwait!!!!!!

favorite car; dont like cars but the Honda CBR is toight

Sport; Bodybuilding!!!!

Sports man; I hate naming one persom. perhaps Phil Heath

Favorite spot in America; where is deh best Hawt Dawgs?

Animal; mumkin Tigers is what pops in my head

Movie; naruto the movie 1

singer; Ahmad Bukhatir

Day in the week; Friday!

time in the day; no specific time maybe a few minutes before sun rise.

Holiday season; Winter break, long enough but not too long and chilly.

number: huh ?

food; huge double cheese burgers

cartoon: NARUTO!

ice cream flavor; cookies and cream or mixed berries

favorite chocolate; twirl

favorite blogger; too tough to answer

favorite name; there are a bunch I like

favorite hobby; Pumping Iron

fruit: Mango or figs ??

room in the house: my room!

Book: Orientalism by Edward Said.

momment: when am in Luv and when am having an extreeem skin stretching muscle blowing pump. cant decide which.



Emma and Ninnevah You have been tagged!

and I add

whats your favorite dessert ?


Don Morgan said...

Assalam alaikum. Anything I can do to help with bodybuilding I will. You may also find me on Facebook.
I was in Cairo and Alexandria back in december. Beautiful masjids. Mashallah.
It was a wonderful experience.

sara said...

Thine? Thine! Thine?, te'ebt min el guesses!


Bigad it was heartfilling (dunno where I got the term from) reading those favorites of yours! SubhanAllah, what makes this common ground so strong? The gulf? the deen? The egyptianism? SubhanAllah!

Rabinna yefarah albak we yarzukqak ahla wify fyl 'alam (as in ahla wify LEEK, you see, mesh ahla wife fyl 'alam might go with u, get me? I mean I had perfect guys proposing, BUT NOT THE ONE!)

P.S. She might be lifting some weight now ;) Look up all the gyms :D Or or, learning japanese, so check the language institutes too ;)

THANKS AGAIN MR. MASS! It's always great reading here :)

LuLu...! said...


blue was my fav... and now im in love with purple.. i actually wanna own anything that's purple..

and LOL.. naruto.. hehhhe... endate bayooo..
i was intrested fel 2awel but it got a lil bit boring when they started looking for sasuke..

how is uni?? 3o2baaly keda lamma 2akoon 2addak!! :D:D

MASS said...

Jazaka Allahu khairan for passing by will get in touch inshaAllah.
if you havent been to Mecca bro thats the most wonderful experience! I need to go myself inshaAllah


actually we are very simillar coz of our experiences I guess and social stratification, am sure there are a bunch of folks out there like us, we isnt that many but I think we are easy to identitfy

I should write a post about it inshaAllah

wa yarzuqakum azawj a9ali7
ameen. I tend to think that my perfect someone is not egyptian no offence or anything to the masri sisters but me and masri girls dont click IN GENERAL ehm ehm.

yeah I dont do tags in general
yeah.. happens sometimes

university is great alhamdullelah, and am not very happy getting older it quite sucks.

sara said...


I can't agree more..

And well, regarding egyptians, well, ummmmmmm.. I know what you're talking about..We ARE different! It's nice in a way, but hard in another :(

Many don't understand me when I say I can marry a non-egyptian, they don't comprehend it! My close friends are not Arabs aslan.. And we get along reeeeeeeal good! Family firends: the same.. Egyptians are few around us.. So, it's almost in the blood..

Yakhy, this whole marriage thing ain't that easy, & for now, I'm happy being single!

'I'm singlllllllllllllle, right now, that's how I wanna be' :D

MASS said...

haha my last post addresses what we sayin in a way.

Id be lying if I say am happy being single sure its good to be "free" or perhaps sometimes a slave to your moments of loneliness and cuddle-less nights . Its just part of our nature to yearn for a companion.

I ll keep yearning or forever hold my breath.

sara said...

ANA SHAKHSEYAN I'm crazy in soooooooooooo many ways, & don't know if the "traditional" marriage could work for me.. Akeed mahadesh ayezs yefrah beya aktar menny.. Bas, I feel it's complicated..

Allah Kareem Hajy :)

Ninnevah said...

hmmm i always thought it was Naturo..

well hey how you've been doing?
Still on the wife search huh?

btw who'd you tag next for this?

MASS said...


Naturo sounds like some cleaning agent haha

alhamdullelah am well got still a bit to finish my masters inshaAllah

I havent been doing any genuine wife seaching although If I come across a an interesting person I wont hesitate.

I would tag you if you will do it ehmm. your friend Emma doesnt seem into tags. or is she ?

Ninnevah said...


Tag her and ill let her know, she's staying with us these days anyways.

I guess once you start working you'll be more "husband material" and more wife opportunities may pop up. but then again i could be wrong..

MASS said...


haha am husband material already, least in the unconventional sense.

I went once to see a sister at her place I thought her mum was her and i freaked out haha. maybe i ll post about it one day.

its not really that im not working yet (inshaAllah will be doing that soon) its finding the person to click with.