Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Much Vork!

I got so much to write, I know what I should be writing its just blaah,

I need to start following politics again after semster is over! havent been doing that at all..

Gym is going great am sore at the pecs and back.. inshaAllah tommorrow some biceps and light leg work..

Im having so many intellectual ideas and what not but lately with this blog it isnt as rewarding to express them here.. this seems like its turning into my bodybuilding journal or something

yeah am 106.5 kg since quite a long time.. but my lifts have gone pretty good.. my youngest bro says I have less fat so I can see that!

I have stopped wondering what lies ahead of me.. I use to think about that a lot.. I defintaly though need a break from academia! perhaps give my muscles more space to grow lol..
and just on the whim of a thought am thinking I need to do something new with some adrinaline in it.. perhaps something with speed ?

I use to talk a lot about getting a motorbike!.. if I ever get one.. or before then inshaAllah i ll read about the mechanics and stuff.. and perhaps know how to fix some stuff up before getting anything.. i ll probably get a second hand one too.. waaay cheaper.

I still need to get certified in personal training inshaAllah!

coming across this hadeeth... in Arabic its soo much better! though

"Strange is the affair of the Mu'min (the believer). Verily, all his affairs are good for him. If something pleasing befalls him he thanks (Allah) and it becomes better for him. And if something harmful befalls him he is patient (saabir) and it becomes better for him. And this is only for the Mu'min."

Look Up!!(click it!)


emma said...

ooh speed and adrenaline..NICE!
im going the old fashioned way, horseriding:) do you think if i put my intention towards that horseriding and archery hadith it would still count? or is that just counted as driving nowadays?

MASS said...

the saying you are refering to is not a hadeeth rather it was a saying by Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him.

Teach your children archery, swimming and horse-riding ( i think)

I think today it would be driving, swimming and shooting guns including Stingers RPJs and Bazzoukas !!

I always use to pretend to shoot a stinger in university... once I jumped off 4 staris or so pretending to shoot one.. only to look infront of me to see a bunch of sisters in Abayas smirking. I walked away in shame lol!