Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baade Beeildin

Yup Yup Yup aint nuthin butta peanutt
alhamdullelah just had 3eggs 7 egg whites about a 150 grams of Arabic sausage! and brown lebanse bread, I got all greecy about it, I poured the fat from the sausage over the eggs lol!

my training routine been messed up should adjust again inshaAllah the coming week!, did biceps and triceps. worked on a paper now I know what i ll write duh.
still have an awful amount of writing to do.. wa Allah al musta3an.

inshaAllah should be getting Nitro Tech protein in a few days!
might be going to North Coast (sa7el) in a few weeks, or should I train more?!
its a good time to catch the place before it gets all nasty with haram! push ups on the beach sounds like fun :P now that I think about it I would need to pack some megga Tunas! which am sick of already.

other than that its all good alhamdullelah
and I need to get my writing Chi flowing and pump my thoughts out to make the papers happen be3awn Ellah!

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