Monday, April 28, 2008

with Hardship Comes Ease

Been watching news lately seems a lot of interesting stuff going on..

In Pakistan , the government and the Pakistani Taliban (Pakistan Taliban) were trying to set a truce where the government will pull from the tribak areas perhaps as a sign of good will from the government a Major Sheikh related to Taliban was released after 6 years in prision.. I dont know the exact details his name is Sheikh Sufi something.. in return Taliban will stop any attacks on government forces.. however just today Pakistan simply stopped all negotioations and Taliban puts responsibility over the government,, it seems the U.S has heavily pressured Musharaf to stop such things after plenty of statments from congress and other U.S officials denounced such truce.. obviously they dont want more insurgency and opperations in Afghanistan and since the spring is pretty much arived there,, then NATO should expect Hell on Earth.. and as the Australian prime minster just said a few hours ago,, that Australia should expect plenty of causalities...

more interestingly..
In Afghanistan in a military display of "power" Karazai and a bunch NATO officials almost got maimed by a special operation done by Taliban where this time more Brains than Brawn have been displayed the event was prepared for weeks ahead, and yet Taliban managed to infiltrate the security and got to 500m range...this is very similar to the way in which the previous egyptian president was killed (sadat).. 3 of the people on stage with karazai died and three of the taliban as well.. the opperation is said to have been organized by men of Legendary Afghan Mujahid Jalaludin Haqqani and facilitated by Ghulbudin Khikmatyar..

Read its the best coverage of such issues...

On the Other Hand
Ahmadi Nejad, gave a speech in a poor city in Iran ( i dont recall its name) and people, 10s of thousands were cheering for him he had no tight security around him.. and soldiers were gathering complaining letters of the people in bags to be reviewd by the government..
he also landed near a village in a helicopter and just talked to people there..and he had lunch with some of the notables of the village ...not that Im a fan at all of the Iranian republic or Ahmadi Nejad but it was really touching seeing that on Aljazeera... and of course in his big speech he bashed the Great Satan and said they will spend themselves out of existance and that they wil fall (exactly what bin laden said after 9 11)

Nejad is also doing a visiting tour just went to pakistan to have gas pipeline deals and he is also visiting India (and Sri Lanka i believe as well??)

Turkish prime minister went to Syria as you should have heard by now.. to try and encourage peace with the Zionist state.. in return for the golan.. i really doubt it will happen but anyways...

Bashar Al assad announced that he is going to head to Saudi for talks on the reigion and in a disgusting repy the Saudi prime minister said we were not previously informed of such talk and its "imposing" on the Kingdom.. that really pissed me off.. talking about being a slave to neo-cons...

I was going to talk a bit about Hamas and Khalid Mishal with Carter.. but I guess i have to head out
and oh yeah the Islamic Courts of Somalia are taking over again in most parts of Somaliya.. no doubt if any of you are following what goes there will realise the so called government is extreemly anti islamic,,

a few days ago they, ethiopian troops went and killed 30 people in a masjid.. and targeted 4 people from the peaceful jamat tabligh ( people who go around places making dawa..) they also went in the biggest pediatric hospital and trashed the whole place, breaking equipment and stealing medicine and supplies..

to say the truth with all the mess muslimeen are going through I am VERY OPTIMISTIC


pathwayofdevotion said...

alhamdulillah - nothing wrong with being optomistic :)But at least you're informed about the world around you. I get so ticked when I hear of Muslims not knowing about anything that goes on in the world.

MASS said...

ahh I realised yr parrents are Afghan

am absolutely in love with deeni folks there and in Pakistan

Real men.