Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get politicized be Aware

A lot of us seem apathetic when it comes to our political reality, we just indulge in everything that is not political we tend to get self centered of on our short comings that we just fail to see the bigger picture.
Part of it is possibly because we don’t even want to see the nasty world that is being pushed around by satan loving bigotry loaded disgusting groups of people and their cronies whom sold them their soles (the traitors to the deen of Allah)


that’s not just going through heavily commercialized media networks that portray themselves as some sort of morally esteemed truth searching engine with the utmost unquestionable integrity. Even Aljazeera is full of horse manure when it comes to various issues. They still insist on presenting an Arab Nationalist Version of News. Arab nationalism is Dead and its caucus has been rotting for about 40 years. They aren’t critical enough of the corrupt regimes of this region and they heavily compromise coverage events that governments don’t want them to cover in order to maintain a license in that country.

Aljazeera might seem like the best that is out there for us, it probably is of the largest network. But there are other alternative sources they might not seem so credible because they don’t have major international recognition but they make much more sense and address all the variables and are consistent to what is going on rather than restricting themselves to political calculations to maintain ongoing coverage.


You will know whom supports our oppression whether on a religious political level or an economic level or even a social cultural level, you would be able to see whom contributes to our own perishing to our own cultural identity diminish.

You may not have to doubt the intentions of various individuals you hold in esteem but you will easily realise that what they do is very dangerous. People Like Ali Goma whom victimizes himself as the one who’s Islam is neglected in favor of “wahhabi” oil lucked Islam that has more of a strategic interest to the U.S is nonsense that he has been making too many compromises that he speaks when he should be silent and is silent when he ought to speak. That as a mufti that his integrity and sincerity has become severely questionable.

That people like Hamza Yusuf Condone American Foreign policy. All those goofy “tradionalists” are doing is just helping neo-imperialism in our lands.

Am I saying that there is no room for co operation with the west ?

NO!!! am not saying that and those people who tend to isolate themselves and react negatively to any western gesture of concern are very naïve and uneducated. We can draw partnerships which is very important to us as well as it is to them. But we should learn to do it without compromising our religion. We don’t have to accept “democracy” “liberalism” “pluralism” “human rights” or any other baggage. Islam is Islam and it’s the way Allah has revealed it to us. You can make comparative studies to Islamic systems and democracy but in the end Islam is unique and doesn’t conform to any other foreign ideology. When Socialism was the popular ideology in the late 50s/ 60s and early 70s all what was being said is that Islam and Socialism are compatible and sheikh Al azhar at that time Sheikh Muhammad Al ghazali was saying that the whole time and what he was doing is just justifying the status quo of Nasser at his time.(am not suggesting he lacked sincerity but that what he was doing was not the most constructive thing)

Now the new rush is liberalism and democracy and what many “Islamic thinkers” are doing is just what Islamist Marxists and Islamist Socialists were doing before.

Know the context of those you listen to in your deen and know what to take and reject not only on what they appear but by actually examining what they say. The first people whom Allah will burn in hell fire are of three types.. And of them is a Scholar whom learned Islamic Knowledge for other than the sake of Allah.


sara said...

I know if I do I won't be able to do a thing! :( So I'll just leave that to you Mr. MASS to sort out :)

I love watching aljazeera documentry though, does that count? :$

arwa said...

Read this like 3 times..
I think Theres a missing part at the end though.
"The first people whom Allah will burn in hell fire are of three types.. And of"

I want to read more, please.
It struck me.

Creation said...

First three people:

1. A Scholar

2. A Martyr

3. One who gave alot of charity

Reason = tainted intention

It's a Hadith Qudsi.

MASS said...


you dont have to do anything immediate, just making others around you aware is more than enough, yet being aware yr self is important, because you can decide what to buy.

it also gives you a higher purpose in life and a gives you a purpose and position you ought to fill for this ummah.

reading is the ultimate way of realisation.


yeah great you pointed out.. its done


jazakum Allahu khairan

sara said...

I thought tha was weird too :D

I'll try to learn chinese to read more from them :D