Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the Verge of becoming Alive


after so many years of chilling and hanging out. One of my closest friends back in the day,, (still close) asked me yesterday to send him some Hadith in English as well as some "relevant" verses from the Quran.

He is one of few non-muslims I always made duaa for to become muslim, inshaAllah he will be soon.. and I also ask you to make duaa for him. I dont think it will stop there coz he isnt the only one I know of since my schools days who has a major interest in Islam but I suppose it will stir things up with the others inshaAllah.

choose for me 10 verses from the Quran that really touch your heart.. and inshaAllah i ll send them to him..
Id also appreciate good websites..



sara said...

I'll put here the numbers of the ayas; so that I don't fill your space (it's really hard sticking to ten only! so if any ayas come from the same sura, i'll consider them one, maleesh da'wa!):

1. [1: 1-7]

2. [2: 3-24]

3. [6:59]

4. [17:15]

5. [18:45]

6. [23: 1-16]

7. [24:35]

8. [49:13]

9. [50:16]

10. [57: 22-24]

sara said...

Oh, I love harun yahya's work..

sara said...

Sorry for making many comments.. It's just that when I remember something I add it :)

Here, BonsaiSky:

P.S. Please make sure of the contents.. I love them, but don't know about you.. Not sure if it can help.. But it helps me :)

sara said...

How can I forget Abu Ameenah?! :)

sara said...

& MOEZ MASOUD of course :)

[with no sufism intended :)]

LuLu...! said...

ur tagged... :D

he3he3he3... (6)

MASS said...

arrrgghhhh. again i lose a comment

(it was something like this)

mashaAllah thats very nice of you.
I like harun Yahya's stuff
I ll also check out the bosni dude

as for Mr Moez BIG no no.. I met him before a few times back when i was 17 (just starting out) he even gave me a ride home once hehe.. ehm ehm.

yeah he was influcned by a bunsh of goofy sufi convert white amreekis. which some of them are my friends..

Ithink they use to take him to some yemeni habeebz jafri style sheikh in a zawya near husain.. one of my friends told the sheikh that a page in english is "butt cheecks"

the sheikh would repeat in to practice "bu6 cheekz"

yeah crazy i know..

jazakum Allahu khairan

sara said...

I can't deny your facts.. I know a lotta people in his circle..

I totally love his 'general' thinking & ways :)

I learned to take the best of things MASS.. I learned it the hard way..

MASS said...


I havent really invested time in his sayings but just the setting of his talks puts me off..

i bet i know someone who knows you. its such a small world.

i can take the good stuff from people, i have no problem reading "off the manhaj" folks but who can contribute something to the deen.
but i dont recommend anyone with weird ideas to people who just starting out it becomes confusing..

MASS said...


yr first pass by and you tag me..

ahhh. i dont do the tag thing malesh. my next post if i post it will sort of do the thing.

Haider said...

Salaam Mass,

To know what verses I would recommend to your friend, I would first need to know what kind of a person he is, what he is interested in, what issues is he dealing with in his life, etc. To make the verses relevant to him, I would need to know all that about him.

I personally wouldn't simply recommend 10 verses from the Holy Koran to get your friend to convert.

I think it's better to offer him an explanation of the key concepts of Islam, or the issues that would be of importance to him, and to back them up with supporting verses. That way, you'd be putting the verses in context, and he can apply them better to his life.

MASS said...

Hider mate

yeah i get what you saying,, that would be a lot to write about,, He believes in Islam, He knows the basics he even knows how to pray he just wont take the steps of saying the shahada..

he needs heart softeners and more knowledge inshaAllah.

afilsforyourthoughts said...

Salaam Mass,

Given what you said about your friend, there are several likely reasons for why he isn't taking the next step and embracing Islam.

Some possibilities are:

1- Fear of change
2- Fear of consequences
3- Fear of commitment
4- Existing concerns and confusions


1- Change: It's very natural for one to resist change simply because it's something new. If this is the case, then the best approach would be to make the pros for the change so compelling that he wouldn't be able to resist any longer. Different people have different values. If you were to tell me that it's "the right thing to do," I might feel uncomfortable not taking the step. For others it could be peace of mind, spiritual growth, etc.

Make him see that the grass is greener on the other side, so he can cross the road (but this isn't the time for why did the chicken cross the road jokes!)

2- Consequences: Some fear their family's retribution, or their friends'. He can begin expressing his interest in Islam now, to get a feel of what the consequences will be. That way, at least he'll know what he's afraid of. You can then make a case for why it's still worth it to endure the consequences (doing what's right, being independent in our decisions, what our priorities should be, etc).

3- Commitment: I know some people who were interested in Islam, but couldn't embrace it because they thought that they wouldn't wake of for fajr prayer!

Islam doesn't expect us to follow it to the greatest degree overnight. The companions used to study 10 verses at a time, and once they have made these verses part of their character, they would move on to study and apply 10 other verses.

He's not expected to follow everything completely from the start, and he certainly shouldn't postpone what he can apply now for fear of what he can't apply.

4- Confusion: Your friend might still not be clear about some issues in Islam, which is why he doesn't want to accept the label "Muslim" on him. Some people love Islamic spirituality, but seek to understand why Muslims commit terrorist acts before they can call themselves Muslim. Find out if there are such issues holding him back, and try to resolve them.

Ok, apologies for the length of the post, but I hope it helps! :D

Veiled Muslimah said...

I know this is an old post, but I absolutely love the last ten verses of al-imran. however thats a personal thing, and im not sure how he as a non-muslim would view it.

What happened with him btw? im interested in knowing.