Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mass 316

salam aleykum

yeah i know, havent been blogging really. being thoughtful and writing some sophisticated post isnt the most not so time consuming thing..besides i ve been really busy.

and i think i could probably write on like a proper website or newsnetwork etc. i got an offer with instablogs. they wanted me to write for them..

cant complain been pumping up after a long layoff...

Mass shall pump till I explode beyond thee pumptensial.
Thy being shall have moutains of biceps, A horizon wide back.
Thy shoulders will be cannonballs
Thy neck big oak bark

Thy Pecs shall bench press mount everest
Thy Quads shall squat the moon
Thy Biceps shall curl the pyramids
Thy Body shall shower the earth with sweat.

Thou shall smell the sent of Mass Muscle
Thou shall tremble before Muscledom Glory
Thou shall fall in shock and awe

ehm yes..

got a facebook message from a wacky older niqabi...wondering if i was single and "looking" I guess I should wear niqab myself ? yes i am a braggart.. not my head maybe

lets see if i can slap more muscle on my physique. and perhaps try to go down to 5% bodyfat.

yes am totally brain juice inside my head..


Creation said...

LOL @ wacky niqaabi woman!

You're just jealous! You RACIST!!!

Creation said...

Ras Malai makes you FAT!!!!

zaytuna said...

LOL man ur obsessed abt body building!

I've finally tasted the famous razz malai *yummy* lets see if its gna have any effect on the wisdom tooth pain.