Sunday, March 23, 2008

Countries of the Arabian peninsula (G.C.C). Strategy, Security and the Future. A dignified existence

One characteristic of domestic politics in the countries of the Arabian/Persian Gulf is that it is too domestic. What being discussed in media is mostly and always related to domestic politics, conflicts of ideological interests, current economic crises, moral issues.

In Kuwait you have the occasional childish dissolving of parliament which is becoming a farce. In Saudi the constant baffle about women driving and “international community’s” “concern” about “women rights”. Dubai’s Mickey Mouse economic project and occasional rants about prostitution and such. Perhaps am not so aware of the rest of other countries but nothing is of major decisive importance.

What is so insane is that issues that would shape the future of its peoples is hardly discussed.
What about the American Bases that are growing allover the peninsula? what about Oil prices? What about the toppling of the Iraqi regime? what about the War the U.S wants to pursue with Iran.. What about Expats that are screwing up demographics and cultural identity. These are the major issues that should be of intrinsic concern, maybe there is room to maneuver over such issues today but tomorrow there might not be such room…and a dignified existence with pride and sovereignty will be not be possible.

Apparently or what seems to be the case is that G.C.C countries seem to be reacting to variable factors as they face them. There is no solid strategy or vision to what the future is going to be, you might tell me that such issues are being discussed in majalis diwaniyat an so forth but that doesn’t make change..

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