Monday, March 24, 2008


The Biggest Man on th Planet for a very long time (1998-2005) is coming back to reclaim the Throne of Ultimate Muscledom Glory, The O ( Olmpiya).


Sure he doesnt look smart in that pic,, but sure he has a lot of packed meat.

septembre 2009 should be interesting..
or even maybe he ll show up in the Arnold Classic..

InshaAllah i ll be a not so big bodybuilder i wanna be at 230 ( guys now reach 285 and more shreded!!) pounds with 5 % body fat... Once i reach that isnahaAllah i ll decide if i wanna be bigger.. but its pretty tiering and then being busy with other stuff maintaining the size will be tough anyways.

i wonder whats it going to be being a buff academic.. inshaAllah,, got to study... and pump!

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Kristen Bjorg said...

Please,don't tell me you wanna be as big as Coleman.