Friday, December 31, 2010

Mass is Gonna be a Daddy, inshaAllah!

Yeah, ehm, so inshaAllah I will be a Father !
can you believe it ?!

subhan Allah time is passing by so fast ! was just at a gathering to celebrate an old university bro/mate who just had a baby boy, a lot of bros were there from when I first got in to uni, and as I was one of those very rare folks who got into deen so early, in fact I was the youngest among them mashaAllah a lot of them have kids already, some of which I been seeing every now and then others I havent seen in years, most of them were eager to know what I been up to and all the research I been doing and what not. Oh haha, all of them said I got really wider/bigger.

and what was really nice too was to see the sheikh I use to attend to, I was happy to see him as he was happy to see me.

alhamdullelah good to see a lot of the bros in good deen as there have been a few drop outs,

life goes by, you can spend it on nothing with ease or on something with difficulty, in the end when you are older you will have that self satisfaction or that regret on waste of youth.

suffer the pain of discipline for now, or suffer the pain of regret later.

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