Friday, December 3, 2010

Off to Utah, Wikileaks and weird Allergic reaction

Alhamdullelah so Far not bad, not awesome.
Thesis! decided to give it more quality time since I am going to be doing a PhD inshaAllah, and a good thesis props up the prospects of getting into the best schools. So should be done in 2 months inshaAllah before reviewing the whole thing again, but leaves me plenty of time before the semester ends

need to look into good universities (which I already have done) but also a place with a good Muslim community, need to do a bit more research and asking around there!


So am all alone for now(sniff), my wife had to head out to Utah and inshaAllah I ll catch up with her soon. Utah! which is famous for yes the Mormons and the Mountains, never been there yet! so should be interesting to blog from there!. was keeping my self extremely busy with the thesis and extra readings for it along with 6 days a week working out leading into dieting, I was tops on, packing on muscle while loosing fat. my weights were going up till all of a sudden I am on the verge of croaking from some weird allergic reaction i got!
it started with some red patch on my right elbow then started spreading on my arm then on my left elbow then my butt and knees. I already had planned to go to a doc was told it was allergy from something. i took two shots in the bum and some meds. the next day it got worse my feet got swollen up and my hands ( Gross I know!) it was affecting my breathing too, and i got a bit feverish. I took two more shots the morning after going to a different doc who suggested that i should have taken a bigger dose since am a bigger guy. Which was exactly what I was telling myself. how could a Big huge Alpha Male like me take the dose of tiny little wiener twink. ehm no offense to the skinny guys haha anyways am good alhamdullelah now after a week, the redness on my skin is gone and am good to go hit the gym again inshaallah hopefully 12 days or so(depending on how fast i get my previous condition) before I try dieting again.


like this guy who made it is totally a hero, I am sure he is living the life of a hotshot James Bond like life on the verge of being caught or assassinated going through plenty of exciting adventures (including adventures with the opposite gender- not my cup of tea nonetheless). Anyways really, the world owes this man a lot.

Ive been reading classified and secret reports that is sent through American embassies abroad to the state department in America. The stuff is not so surprising especially when it comes to the Arab paranoid dictators. But it just makes International Relations analysis so much easier. You can browse by country and see if it has any reports. I totally recommend it ! its just fun anyways.

"Middle East" is same old same old nothing new on political levels, but on socio-political levels, a lot is going on (away from wikileaks)so aside from the jin post I need to write as I mentioned earlier, I will inshaAllah write a series of posts on Islam and Globalization since this is what this blog is all about supposedly. most of the searches that come to this blog hit those two words.

for now, peace out.

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