Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Back

Oh Boy.
Yes finally, although I thought I might not come back at all, my friend AA urged me to write something "even if once a month"( he promised to open up his own soon inshaAllah. Am grateful to all the folks who stayed in touch here and there by email.

The semester I just finished was the toughest one I ever had. Insane, but may have been the most useful I ever had too, I have slightly modified my world view curbing down a bit on my postmodern tendencies. Masters is a big jump from undergrad, am glad i just cut off the blogging, there was hardly any time. If I wasn’t reading, I was writing something, and if I wasn’t writing nor reading I was doing research, in a 14 week semester I had 11 papers to write. If i wasn’t doing any of those i was in the gym, although the last month and a half was hardly in the gym and I lost a lot of weight, only to pack it on it 2 weeks, still working on it.

For me Eid was at home, writing papers. I didn't leave the house nor visit my relatives amid all the assignments I had to do.

I have a lot of new developed ideas, I no longer think small, I think grand, perhaps I ll share some of it with you folks.

there are also plenty of major developments in world politics, that will change how "things" are run.

peace for now.


Creation said...

MashaAllah! You surely did use your time wisely..

LuLu...! said...

welcome bak man!

mabrook 3ala finishing el semester!
lucky u :D
im handing in my last project on the 12th!


MASS said...

I need to waste it for some time and be lazy to recharge energy though..

arigatu gozaymas
2u3balik inshaAllah
we rabena ywafa2ik

dont waste yr time, and dont leave everything to the last minute!

LuLu...! said...

i always leave eeeeeeeeeeverything to the last minute! thats me!

we tefteker!
meeen haynawar masr soooon???

sara said...


You are definitely one of the VERY FEW people who should never stop writing :)

MASS said...


actually you should try working early on your stuff, feels much better!

No Way Jose!
I guess the Hamdy Sisters will Nawar Masr soon inshaAllah!

LOL! Halla Wallah Feej

da bass min zoo2ik ya fandem:P

Now You folks can try out the Yummy (and HALAL!) Burger joints of Cairo!

zaytuna said...

Welcome back Mass!!

MASS said...

ShuKran JayZeelan.