Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keeping it Academic

Salamu aleykum

Seems finally I decided to come back and write some of my thoughts concerning various issues within my interests that tend to an academic appeal. I have been “academically rusty” so to speak,, since I graduated but I started grad school in Political Science and hopefully to transfer some time soon InshaAllah on a PHD program, I have been wearing off this rust and seems like am warmed up and fresh with interest for social Sciences.

I deleted my previous blog which at various points made me mostly known around Kuwaiti and American Muslim Blog “communities”, I have pretty much changed my views regarding various issues that I have talked about in the past, You can also say “matured” with regards to attitudes to certain issues as I have always been doing so. Moreover with a better command of euphemism that I preferred to avoid especially with ideologically sound confrontations. Yet my Basic Islamic convictions have remained the same praise be to Allah.

I am pretty much “over” with the previous blog and hopefully inshaAllah will not sway from the original intent of this one, Although obviously there are lost digital memories that I cherish on the previous blog, from genuine political essays to poems and Islamic articles and literature, to some of my bodybuilding posts, to some of the nonsense I use to babble about.

Hopefully I will be writing posts that will be of use to my Graduate studies and perhaps enjoy some good online discussions with people who share similar interests in social sciences and the general progress of our Ummah and various fragmented Muslim societies over the world.


Mass, aka previous Al-HanbalI, aka previously Q8ibloger.


Gold said...

WaAialikom Assalaam Brother,,

Accept my respects and brotherhood, from an Egyptian brother who finds some sort of a mirror in front of himself whilst reading your very post. I can't wait to read your posts, and your various views about the issues that concern our Ummah.

It has come to my knowledge that a huge amount of Muslim intellects are using cyber-space to convey their views about the things that matter, in a rational manner, and that is what's extremely important.

It is indeed rare to find a Muslim or an Arab who really tries to understand the opposing - or the non-agreeing - point of view while answering it in an objective and ethical way. Debate classes could turn into riots in Cairo.

I'm really looking forward to discussing things with you. Studies or no studies, words we write are a part of us.. nonesense to us, inspirational to other people. We should be writing about whatever we would like to write about.

Have a great peaceful day.

Creation said...

OMG! You're back!!!

zaytuna said...

Ah!creation, Mass is not so evil after all :P

Welcome Back man! Great to have you back =D

MASS said...

Glad to see your comment, I guess there are plenty of Muslims intllectuals online but this shouldnt stop at that and rather try to organise themselves in the "real world"

inshaAllah i ll see you more around.



thanx. you should probably start your own International Studies blog!

The Stranger said...

I knew you'd be back. You've got it in you mate, you need to express your views, that's why you'll keep coming back, until you find some other way to do it, and maybe even then.

Welcome back, alhamdulillah 3alassalama.

MASS said...

Allah ysalmek bro

Haider said...


I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I passed by your old blog several times in the past..

I hope you've been well.

I salute your new attitude towards dialogue, and I hope we can have some fruitful discussions.

You can visit my blog at
for some topics that might be of interest to you.

All the best,

MASS said...


yeah i remember you use to ssay that you were shi3a but not a "typical" one

my "new attitdue" well.. never mind that.

yup just dropped by at your blog.

may Allah guide us to the true of belief and the best of manners.

Umm said...

Salaam Alaikum. I wrote a comment but it got deleted! I just came by to see if you've totally deleted your blog or if your last post is still there when: wow: Q8i's back!

Good to be reading your blog again. Though I often stop by now that I have a net connection again, I sometimes have nothing to say, or otherwise someone has already said what I wanted to I just don't comment. But i always drop by: MAsha'Allah this blog is as interesting as ever.

Ofcourse it's hard to stay away from blogging. I still often think abt starting a new blog, but after creating and delting many blogs...i've decided to keep away from blogging for a long time. I know inshaAllah i'll start one again, but nott just yet...

And you're doing your Masters. May Allah help you. It takes alor of patience to go from bachelors to masters, but if you decided to do it, then best of luck.

take care brother.

MASS said...


wa3aleykum as-salam wa rhmat Allahi wa barakatuhu

jazakum Allahu khairan and thank you very much for your kind words..

I recall an "umm" on the blog sphere, but I dont remember much sorry :S.. actually its been like a few years since i went by the name "q8ibloger" im sure i ll remember you if you remind me.

masters is tough.. Allah almusta3an

please dont hesitate to comment
and do certinaly pass by once you start blogging again inshaAllah.

actually now i sort of remember..
and i dont recall deleting any comment of yours.


Umm said...

Salaam Alaikum.

I just replied to the comment but it got wiped out: I hate dial up!

"Umm" is a nick name blogger gave me when I left a comment thru my g-mail a/c: umm abdullah.

you, might remember me as maryam!


MASS said...

wa3aleykum as-salam wa rhmat Allahi wa barakatuhu

yup of course i remember Maryam!

good to hear from you again.